*practical po-et
Zeynep Yılmaz is a writer working primarily with long and short form poetry
woven in the audible, spatial and organizational conditions of language;
writing auto-fiction, spoken-word performance, and exhibition texts.  



2019-2021 Leiden University BA Arts, Media and Society
2020-2021 Leiden University Minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies
2013-2018 Lycée Saint-Joseph d’Istanbul
2016 Boston University Creative Writing


2022 Politiks Kills Poetry, with Babi Badalov (AZR), Tariq Heijboer (NL), and Les Conseils Superflus, NL

2022 Decent writers don’t feed the narrative, 15 editions, self published


2022 I used to be a mountain, with Aleksandra Komsta, Instrument Inventors (iii) & Flipchart, The Hague, NL

2022 Tears are the lubricant of life (performed for Noor Remmen), MA Artistic Research Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art The Hague

2022 Posting poetry doesn’t make a poet, “Filling the Void” with The Spectrum Space, The Grey Space in the Middle, NL

2022 Devir-Teslim, De Perzen carpet store The Hague, NL

2022 Untitled: Threading Months with Bassel Halabi, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Students for Palestine, NL

2021 Rehersal (performed for Bo Wielders and Natalia Nikoniuk), BA Fine Arts Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, NL

Exhibitions, Installations and Texts

2023 Plug’n’Play exhibition text for Onur Tayranoğlu, MUU Contemporary Art Center, Helsinki, FL

2022 A-B-C-aptured exhibition text for Ester Gašparova’s “Metallic Taste of Patience”, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, NL

2022 Decent writers don’t feed the narrative, Snacks Amsterdam, NL

2022 Devir-Teslim, De Perzen carpet store, The Hague, NL

2022 Gapfilling (as Practice), “Relational Terms”, The Spectrum Space

2021 Tongue Scraping Journal,  exhibition text and dialogical poem installed for Michaela Caganova, “All Cockroaches are Beautiful”,  The Spectrum Space, The Hague, NL

2021 UA006050455LV_  exhibition text  for Ferdinand Waas and Tim Rosenbaum, White Box Gallery, Oslo, NO

Selected Works 

2023 “Absolute Clarity”, Barefoot Collective Journal
2022 “Absolute Clarity”, 2X2 periodical, US

2022 “Assortment II”, 2512 periodical, NL

2022 “01 10”, 2X2 periodical, US

2022 “Gut Seaming or Gut Semen”, Mosquito Newspaper, NL

2022 “I found a chaos trying to put something else in order”, Mosquito Newspaper, NL

2022 Three poems for Sunday Mornings at the River Summer Anthology, amazon.com

2021 “by now I know” longlisted LS Poetry Contest, NL


2022 Counter-Surveillance: H2 by Artists+Allies x Hebron (AHH), project text

2021 My Turkey My Turkey My Heaven, video installation subtitles, Batuhan Keskiner (TR), MA Photography and Society, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, NL

Copywriting, Creative and Assisting

2022-present / BetterThings Studio, Istanbul, TR

2021-2022 / Second Best Selected Treasures, Den Haag, NL

2022 / Handmade visual identity for Janus Media podcasts: Yuvarlak Masa, Vitriol, 0 Beklenti, Meditatio

2019-2020 / Flama Design House, Istanbul, TR

2019 / assistant at Istanbul Jazz Festival, TR

2017 / assistant at the 15th Istanbul Biennial “a good neighbour”, TR