all we seek is a normal life, a mundane routine, a seamless connection to this world that brings us the laughter and the tear. we should start collecting them in a jar or in a bottle for that matter. between souls that go beyond one another, doesn’t matter how and when and why you meet each other. I no longer remember but the cups and the bowls and the looking at each other. perhaps no one else has seen me becoming, multiplying, doubting, sprouting, hopelessly loving, waving, drowning and living as you did and do dear. my play of words at once trap me and help me express what I hold dear. you ready for some change?

I think I am. isn’t that all we do anyways, our kind of people? changing skin by the day, month, for all we know nothing is to be clear, as clear as we foolishly think for it to be, never knowing what is next to be revealed. I remember! the constants we create through and within the depths of our mere minds, mere reflections and mere sights are mere lies, standing between us and our endeavor. it is time to pause lying and start playing to clear a bit the air.

I already feel and hear the language that keeps us together. no matter the trial and the error, it sings, my child do not fear. and yet I fear, as a mere singular. I oscillate and alternate, I replicate and originate, I suffer and I reveal. slowly behind the curtains and the numbers and the misleading calculations I fear, no longer. I see, it cannot be my nature.

getting younger as we get old. doubting ourselves with a glamorous mask on. resisting our own cycles. going around in circles. constantly fighting so as not to see reality, living in our realms of preference. we feel, we crash, we decipher, in this exact order. we rise, stronger. outgrowing without letting each other know, we let each other grow. we allow to see for ourselves, like a family, this is how and all we know. we listen, we zone out, cry and shout. NOISE. murmur. (silence)