The Spectrum Space - Relational Terms
/ Term II  ‘Revolution’ 



I am showing you an impression and an attempted embodiment of my process I call to be gapfilling.
The term was born to describe a personal-political stance I took towards my surrounding institution as a bachelor student. Observing these structural and contextual gaps to be filled in a Western-oriented art and culture discourse allowed me to both acknowledge and to go against the limits that were drawn around me.
I wrote, it was out of the gaps that I’ve created the fillers, both as a tribute and as a revolutionary act to these premeditated, limiting frames.
I find there to be no use in a passive institutional criticism or in a communal whining. But there is purpose in seeking new readings and framings in between the lines.There is a conceptual and playful purpose in building beyond the said limits.
There is an everyday purpose in subtly revolutionizing yourself out of that which is given. I do that with writing.
Writing at times can be merely and in itself seen as an act of gapfilling. It’s a spit or a spill after collecting information. Our memory is only partial and thus through writing, the gaps in the stories you hold are filled with those fillers that emerge from within.
Any process of making or exhibiting can be concerned with gapfilling. Working around and within a premeditated form (grids) and a given concept (revolution) like here, allows for new fillers, newwords, new inquiries to occur.
Please do take any content or text involved in this online presentation as part of the work intendedto be shown. Including this one.