for group exhibition i’ll see it when i believe it at Büyükada, İstanbul

together with Can Yıldırım, Deniz Kulaksızoğlu, Fırat İtmeç, İrem Apak, Lalin Mercan, Serra Bilgincan

A crux in climbing refers to the most difficult section of a climbing route, or where the greatest danger exists.

The non-terminological dictionary refers to the word crux as "the most decisive or important point at issue".

I slipped on my own crux takes its name from rock climber Margo Hayes' words spoken at the moment her hand slips from a handle she found whilst climbing Biographie (5.15 boulder problem): "I slipped on my own blood".

The work takes the stone stairs at the exhibition terrain, and imagines it as a horizontal climbing route, consisting of a mere 5 stair climb.

It is a performative inquiry into the act of climbing, the imagery of the mountain, as well as of the performative dynamics of play-pretend. I climb stairs because I can't climb mountains.  



documentation: Gülnihal Yıldız, Can Yıldırım, Duygu Yasa