I am offering a couple of layers together
I am owning up
and stepping down
my seat
is wet
for last night I left
my pillows uncovered
and my thoughts always incomplete
I am dissecting a language I learned at five
and hesitant I,
take a few steps towards and away from my heart
they asked,
who are you
what do you do here?
I answered its best
if you don’t get to rest
upon my premature words
but instead
share a long lost silence with me after our talk
and join me as I cry about
my unkown truth
my chains hard and intact
for I am not even
a poet yet
but a kid who fights
over the microphone on the stage
don’t help me conceal my mistakes, tell me I am a beautiful mess
only then I can go to bed
ligther than a pillow

I don’t have a say upon my tears but
only the things I know exist
between all these layers, I offer you a fragment

written during the collaborative writing and performance piece ‘Rehearsal’ at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague graduation show, 2021