aspace isa space is a space   at Lab23 Den Haag

ENDING, ORCHESTRATED is a 13-minute sound piece made for the final exhibition of the exhibition series aspace isa space is a space at Lab23 in The Hague. 

The audio file is played in a loop for the chosen 1 hour of each day, where Johannes Equizi also performs an act around a water well, and where Atakan Gür’s moving sculptures dance within the space on the sand. Zeynep Yılmaz’s sound piece narrates an alternative ending scenario, not in a descriptive but in a dia/mono logical format, talking about the end on personal and spatial levels.   
The building in Haverkamp is preparing to be torn down in the gentrification agenda, hosting four series of exhibitions in 2023 including 9 different artists grouped together.
ENDING, ORCHESTRATED imagines an omnipresent speaker in the space announcing a sweet impending doom, the end. 

Approximately 200 A4 papers of music writing visually accompanies  the sound piece, as audial renderings of the making of the sound piece. The right hand wall at the entrance welcomes the visitor fully covered with a repetition of lingual notes (word-shaped) instead of musical ones (sign-shaped). 



Documentation images courtesy of Lab23 & Rositsa Atanasova  

With special thanks to:
Gülnihal Yıldız
Mahir Demir Erdoğan
Siem Salaboem
Thijs ten Brummelhuis

(Johannes Equizi, Dowsing Across Fields)

(Johannes Equizi, Dowsing Across Fields)