(gapfiller on a) Tongue Scraping Journal

Exhibition text and dialogical poem for: 

Tongue Scraping Journal is a work made by artist and photographer Michaela Cagáňová in collaboration with Zeynep Yılmaz. Exhibited during “All Cockroaches are Beautiful” curated and organized by The Spectrum Space.

The crystallizing salt presents itself in a similar way to how we experience our memory: disappearance and reappearance. The entirety of the installation is vulnerable to the consequences of rain. Therefore it reacts to time and space, and indicates an intrinsic contingency of the subconscious.

Our thoughts constantly echo one another, and eventually dissolve into the myth of authenticity. The text you encounter is a gathering of both a software generated stream of thought (excerpts from the author’s personal journal), and a manually written one as form of a dialogue.

We inevitably speak by the words of others. And as these words interact with the water and get crystallized by the salt, an inquiry into originality opens up.

documentations by Michaela Cagáňová