I’m looking for people to write about.
You can leave a note if you’d be interested in the part.
So far all I know about you is that
you prefer the warmth of summer,
but wouldn’t complain if it were also
winter, in the evening with
a leather jacket on and a mild breeze
stroking your head gently.
And your mind who knows maybe
finally free. 
All I know is you wouldn’t oppose to me holding your hand. 
The rest, I’m still trying to figure out. 

It’s easy,
I will place you sitting on a chair
opposite me and ask you 
to make different faces.
I will ask you to look angry, wise,
afraid, tired, and in love,
annoyed, excited,
and absolutely defeated. 
I will write pausing you in between
poses and we’ll talk. 
Every time we would disagree and coil up,
after every time I would cry, because I will,
even after then,
I will leave with no precise information as to how to do this.
I will only know the why.

You could then consider
giving me more of yourself,
you can then tremble,
shake with real fear,
roll your eyes. 
But I would remain oblivious.
I wouldn’t mind. 
And you would believe me. 

At one point I will ask you to make no face at all
and watch it all come together from my desk.
It might take a day or more,
I couldn’t tell now.
Right before the end,
whenever it comes,
I would take a good guess
based on the looks of things:
that even if I didn’t always understand you
even if I did often confuse you
if I asked you to forget everything you’ve known,
you might still find yourself wanting to love me
very simply
and deeply. 
You could then look at me
from the other side
of the long crowded room
and lock until you catch my smile.
You could gift me this gaze
you could do anything,
be anything,
make any face, 
and I’ll fall for you. 
You see it already happened once
and now I’m just reciting my part from heart.
In hindsight
you wouldn’t have to
think of anything else ever again.
You could kiss my neck.
We could watch that together too. 

But what do I know?
As I said, if you’d like the part
just leave me a note,
text me,
stop by,
or call me 

a sweetheart.