01 10

illiterate days and I have all the time to read.
so I always have to be seen doing something?
first thing in the morning I look for my 1 TB external hard drive.
it is nowhere to be found.
today I might start something new.

perhaps one could still adopt a child without becoming a parent.
perhaps you can imagine I’m calling out your name. because somewhere I am.
your job is to manage expectations.

I used to be a door weight.
then, I slipped my feet under the 1 MM gap.
I’m getting used to things.
some say we all carry a potential that could never be realized by poetry.
some say poems always carry contempt.
and that they stand as an attack to poetry itself.

don't be afraid of poems
or of what they have to say.
you only laugh when you understand
if you understand.
we’ll keep the original text, see if it works or not.

uniqueness has become an issue.
mediocrity has always been one.
I used to thank them for their time.
now I don’t even properly apologize.

selected and published on 2x2 periodical