2512 for


Special edition of the 2512 periodical. Published for and presented at the solidarity gathering and fundraiser at The Grey Space in The Middle, The Hague.
In memory of the 6th of February earthquakes hitting Turkey and Syria and surrounding regions causing immense natural and political destruction to millions of lives.
Honoring those who speak the truth. May the truth prevail.

Guest editor: Zeynep Yılmaz 
Graphic Design: Bartek Pierściński
Printing courtesy of Gerard van Zeggelaar, print workshop Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Featuring: Maria Ilieva, Ekin Tümer, Bo Wielders, Cecilie Fang, Ceren Yılmaz, Bartek Pierściński, Etel Adnan, Bhanu Kapil, Jerome Rothenberg, Zeynep Yılmaz