the vividness of things is scary. once it’s there
you don’t escape 
the obvious: hence the obvious. em-
bodied writer.
lost child. goodbye-
do I date the date of when
things begin as when
I felt it or when I had my first appointment with an accountant?
writing this. one could say I fill pages
as exercise, an exercise for a deadline,
an exercise for life, or as always everything
as an exercise for love.
hard to tell what to do with this, accept
but not admit. ,just did.
the order of things
is becoming,,, obvious. instead
growth is shrinking?
settling into some limits.
if forgotten just pin it.
is the running of a writer.
I’d recognize it far away from a mile.
running for paper, no rush
is fast enough to carry an urgency without dropping the pencil.
do you have luggage to check-in? this is an admin summer.
the violent nature of the situation, I came, I’m here. late
and early, doesn’t matter.
but what if lost people wanted to be lost without a tracking device attached.
let us be. be.coming 
a suspect for the self.
hold the thought
I’m around a near town.
I’ve never not known
what is really wrong.
everything that doesn’t fit
my narrow interpretation
I carelessly hold on.