NAMING NAMES or ekpharsis

        It was a wood scrap
        your monologue
        excluding even before
        faces called lovers
        have disappeared
        screwed on, a metal conjunction
        unidentified if it
        hadn’t been for a sculpture. 
        Many messengers
        who brought me gifts
        in my twenty
        three years, holding
        a door maybe when
        if no other occupation
        than innocence
        and how it is forgotten
        to be ourselves
        in carrying each other.
        Gate the keep
        or frown upon
        the goodwill.
        This you-
        and-me riddle.
Reading Cioran Now
I forgot to die
with him
this time
at least
not yet, and still
I hear you within.
        All this suffering
        on a fully balanced scale
        I stand on the opposite arm
        fully unstraightened yet
        I weigh the same
        as him as when he
        was twenty three.
        I just asked, what about us
        us without
        a single silence
        It was a wire
        a wire pulled the lighters
        together while
        while I pulled
        apart all the strings
        and innocence,,,
        noising my dialogue
        all nails on the thing
        had been hand-hammered.
There was no blood-
not until only after
there was no love-
not only until after
the Light
the light was blinding
the title
-only after I destroyed it.
        So Saroyan in paying
        the bare minimum price
        that poem I swear
        generates more photons
        than your average morning.
        and how, more than often,
        in a same lifetime
        in different places
        we have resulted the same way with our findings  
        before it was genius now we call it
        collective consciousness
        yet the maker has to keep
        thinking this is mine, I made it
        to make a living less than
        to have a life carved
        out of this circus.

        The Poet
        must steal some fire, there, Eileen said it
        Here is my lighter collection, please take it.