when a skateboard
hits the street stones
in built the chance
for the clamor to sound as
a neatly arranged chord

when accordingly a verse
is purposefully sampled
the aftermath writes the foreword
noising out of context now a reverence
,a reference letter

when a song latches on
when one (1)
oscillates back on interludes
and on forth the kid’s choir then one
hits a higher chance of arousal
between the two (2)

to owe
my melody
to the larger body
of scanned individuals
not drawn on
a cartesian flat flap
but taped together
and heard by a herd
of butterflies eating
each other out in the stomach
flying around the food
from yesterday
lately known to me
before anything else was obvious

Ssseeeking to help digest all of this
because often the destitute complains
in abundance still and I pray for you

with that,,,I also pray for myself